Your first step

Welcome to your CHAKRA JOURNEY

Think about this journey as a seed that slowly becomes a majestic tree: Your Tree.

We'll be going from silence and unawareness, to full consciousness of our journey in this lifetime.

Each single Chakra will teach you an important lesson, opening the door to the next one.

Remember, this is not just about the poses and how you execute them. It is your personal journey of growth and exploration of your conscious and subconscious mind through Asana, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy.

I recommend following the classes as I presented them here, since each class is interrelated to the previous one.

You can repeat the same class more than once if you'd like, and even repeat the whole course more than once in order to really experience the full power of each Chakra.


I will always be here for you to answer any question, and to give you tips regarding poses that you may find challenging or unclear. So reach out to me without hesitation!

This is the first of many journeys that we can take together, so enjoy every single step of it.

Now it's time to take our very first step on this journey, I'll see you on the mat.

Namasté 🌻