Welcome to Cocoon

Welcome to Cocoon,

The 7 classes that follow are going to help you relieve stress, anxiety and negative thoughts.

We'll be using a series of poses, breathing exercises and meditations that will be different for each class with the goal of helping you reconnect to your center.

As we progress in this journey, you will feel more balanced, connected to yourself, and able to let go of what's not serving you in your life.

Each class is interrelated to the previous one, so try following them in order. If a specific class is particularly right for you, repeat it more than once if you'd like.

At the beginning of each class, you'll find a small introduction on what we'll be working on that day, and if you have any questions you can always contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Now head over to the 1st class, Cocoon, and let's take our first step on this journey.

For any questions or clarifications, contact me at [email protected]

I'll see you on the mat.



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